Return man 3Get Ready to Score!

ThisĀ is one of the most popular flash games ever released by ESPN with over 500,000 people playing it every month. The game is about American Football.

You have to stand in yellow circle and catch the ball at the start of each level and try to score touchdown. It may sound easy however, the opponent defenders will try to stop you so you must avoid them. There are some teammates who help you by stopping opponents, but you still have to try hard in order to win.

Faster you score touchdown, more points you will get. You need these points in order to unlock special moves. But keep in mind that each time you use a special move, you lose some points.

If you find the first levels easy, don’t relax because this game gets harder and harder. There will be more opponent defenders as you score and they will run much faster.

But, don’t worry as you can use powerups (Lightning for running faster and Boot for better traction on the ice and mudd) as well as new special moves and improved teammates.

Now, let’s see the controls of the game:
I – Move Forward
J – Move Left
L – Move Right
K – Move Backward
A,S,D – Special Moves

You can change these controls from the settings menu and use W,A,S,D keys for moving player and J,K,L for Special moves. (You can also use arrow keys but you may come across a bug)

That’s all you have to know. Have a good time playing Return Man 3 unblocked. I hope you will enjoy it.

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