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Return Man 2

RM2LogoHey, all football fans gather here. We represent you the game which you will love straight away – Return Man 2. As you could have guessed from the name, it’s the 2nd part of the most famous flash game’s series. It hit the web in 2012 and immediately got hundreds of thousands players. You might ask: What changes were made since part 1? Well, the developers didn’t ease off. They improved the graphics and also now we are able to run backwards. New special moves were represented, as well. However, main idea of the game didn’t change. Grab the ball in the yellow circle and run to touchdown line, avoiding defenders. Three teammates will fight some of them off, but not all of them, so you can’t fully rely on them.(Note: There are some levels where you will be alone against the opponent.) Don’t forget about the power-up: Lightning bolt that will let you run faster for several seconds.

Almost forgot about the instructions:
I – Move Forward
K – Move Backward
L – Move Right
J – Move Left